the longer ones 1

and walls that were there from time to time started the journey to close in around the world.. my world but there was a single corridor like corrugated cardboard boxes only open on one end the real end.

party people pondering palaces 1


wirk birk = texeffectual 2

wirk birk 2 continues with the configuration of audio feedback loops and feed thru (if that is allowed) loops I  have three vocoders going but only using 2 then looping in out of the computer recorder … then looping thru and out in with the mixer and also — filtering it as the mixer feeds that loop… the vocoders have their own types of midi filters and so does the … processing set up in — Reaper .. so things get leveled in and out of balance with the final balance being more so of a necessary nature then accidental.  — enjoy


work and reworked texeffectual 1

the midi file to download is below… enjoy

aunt Jane 1

Just Jane here on x9x

and the midi file download 🙂

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