enter the A034 performance works.

first off is all the midi files linked thru from the archive site.


These two below are from an audacity mix that was made from the audio file that was created in the reaper program


these below are the records from the tascam… It is a direct out so.. I put the tascam between me and the audio I am / working or listening to… the mixes can be .. mmm daunting but enjoy…


these songs are from the previous creations in reaper with the same performance presets…


next up are the audacity edits of the tascam records that were too long to upload.. 🙂 these were cut down to fit the post model..



blending over to the next one.

this is from the a033 preset…

this above also includes some of the work in setting up the preset a034 ____

new below is the work of that next preset performance program

a033 full edits with saves lots

I am liking this a033 performance creation settings.. it is fun.. very fun.

A033 programmed performance works project 3

So, these works several are “of the same layer of sound” some are quite interesting.
But, why listen to this.. because you are lost in time and space and have nothing to do but analize music forms and new.. or newer ideas in sound and tempo’ed beated noises.
when you understand what is happening you are lost in the spirals of thought forms and data-flows.. and such.

this is the first piece it proceeds faster but is smaller … or shorter.. mmm guess it is the less time used.. to hear this song.

this next piece is an out and out remix of the two slow and fasts layered together the first part being backward the second part / half of the piece is normal or forward.

A-o32 performance works from tonite.

this order is really backwards in the intent of how it was played and recorded I knew that but did not think to reorder the whole thing….

But it is ok since the first two or three are just warm-ups for the two longer pieces :—  I have also posted this @ alone tone but I plan to only promote the ones in my blog at the soon media-arts site….

And then I rendered these records and sounds … slowed down in reaper with… the midi outs into different instruments and offed the supernova II.

http://archive.org/details/A032s   this should be the link to the midi files and other things most of which is posted here as well. ….

the acid reworked midi files are going to be delayed about 47 minutes — due to render time

yep parts A thru E  some of this reaper render was created by other programs in coordination with reaper.  the VSTi instruments ..

I am to first try the reaper file uploads on the … archive site I am sure the upload here since midi’s are out that reaper files and acid8 files as well are out.   besides the midi performance settings we should see soon though.