A040 with Wayne Holland—

this first and second pieces are mashups from Sound-in.org. I have done.

part two after the first video 🙂

mixtures of new-old ha

Going to add the new stuff here… in a moment while the computer renders a new video… 🙂

from the piano mixes maybe I will put all the piano parts here.

from 2007 and 2006 taped works

audiopaint 3.0 features and warframe grabs converted —

these audio paintings are images converted to sound,..   they are mostly useful for extended lengthening as they are highly dense in their textures of sound.  some of these I have stretched and included just below for now… 😉



And this is it because it is why we are here. Ferguson… reactions… actions… reactions..

What is solid is solidarity!

We are now here.   The world is watching what is … is what is solidarity..,

It is the next right thing that is always more powerful then anything else.

transcripts from archive.org of the trial,, with riot actions and sounds layered on.

A038 Ages of Time 2

A038 Ages of Time 1

these are the first works with … the midi working I will post later the midi files on archive.org ,, standby.  🙂  And this was also posted at sound-in.org for use as a layer in mashups.   Just follow link below for the mashups and posts for this week.