Ao65 rapid ramp effects.. 1

A064 new start 1

So this is Half way thru the A performance presets I still have B, C, and D to go,, — but I believe I can transfer the presets out on to the computer in midi format letter by letter so after I finish A I can put them out as the A performance presets..  now at half way It should take mmm well it took from last summer till now for 64 of them I guess another  six to eight months for the last 64 presets..,

I was playing the synth just jumping about the presets below the 64 mark and OMG it is unreal the changes and breaks that would go on just OMG like stuff 🙂

f-2 g f e-3 e-2

ao63 urge purges

A062 mu 6

current video works here…