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This is an important part of my favorite editor edit it is not the same thing

above the words and word order were the suggested words to choose by the computer suggested word use… the opinion is not mine but the opinion of what the computer had suggested i use for words….. 🙂  this was the iPad suggestions 000


whole things at larger 1

Into the light now

some from tonight just a two then others the next day…

This is the first one of the day yesterday and so … I will attempt to slow down the song.

So how does the composer determine the balance between tracks the level of the track and or level of the all the tracks together… what makes these decisions Important or indeterminate — would isolated tracks and intermittent volume levels work as “New Music?”  this second piece that I am posting … as I listen to it before posting it has no. conceptual idea of .. or continuity about . as a center to it.  I tell you it does not work.. at all.  yet it is just like processed flour and that is saying lots cause mmm because it took about a minute and a half to spell that word flour – because it was not leveled in-front of my mind and 000 the spelling and google would not say.. based on my thoughts that flour and flower sound … exactly the same.  meaning two different things… I say this so that there is understanding at the difficulty for me to go from sound.. to symbol when the sounds are the same yet the symbols are totally different —  this problem was more then a deterrent during the college years yet after I had .. gone back to college for myself and my own pursuits of knowledge they felt honors english was appropriate but I only was able to get that because .. of spell check and the computer added english class.

sound in songs and processing here.

coming back around

notes during music creation and more.. little thought ideas as I make this next set of sound works.

  1. it is too fast way too fast.
  2. don’t reprogram the synthesizers during performance it is distracting ..
  3. some more feed thru’s  by these round list’s
  4. first song about 22:22 minutes long done.  0317
  5. 0318 minute 14 🙂 total length 17:51
  6. certain parts need to drop back and get slowed down.. it is all meshed mashed together some.


so is it now yet?

And now is ok