mostly a learning session in MIDI


Mixed Midi Constructions

The mind experience is in itself an illusion of this mind. —  the idea that something is not an illusion is the same illusion that something is illusion === belief in thoughts are thoughts themselves so the idea of something, is, an idea of illusion being both as something and nothing and since the same and not the same are as one nothing can be just as real as everything or anything else is as well as both real and not real.

Real straight stuff on the moxf6

first song is the experimental feed thrus with nothing but hum generations and feedback..

second song OMG too too short..


some MOXF6 stuff.

I have to edit all my music.  Just chop off the beginning setup time to where it is that I start the sound inputs to the song.

I apologize for the feedback blip about six minutes into the 494 song.

mashing the sounds together 1

metaphasic tribbles 1

know better then now

these are the first direct works with the moxf6 there will be more I hope === so we will see. what it is.. oranda suchis.  🙂

as much as I want to perform more and experiment with the moxf6 I am going to edit and develop these previous performances here in a greater way.