Image two parts A


surface scratches – image one

improvfriday new moxf6 rex


And so we can peek around this corner s for now.


you know i used to say that the techno trance peeps 🙂   were just holding a few keys down and doing very little else and making mad money and mad mad musics … so what happens??  I start doing that . why? I ask myself I have nothing to prove by doing transidelic grooves in my mind… I don’t know why I am doing this .. but I am.. and yes it is embarrassing when I think of the number of times I felt that trancidelical peeps were just extra wait the human race would have to deal with at some point but to paraphrase trent resner what I did not like about them has slipped into me and now I am that which I had disliked so much so that I just do not know.  WHY?  idk

OK the midi file for the above music… 🙂


No way out project 3


New Surface Stuff – 2

Because some of this music has no real representation in most realities it becomes necessary to try really hard to get what is needed to play this again.(besides the generalized mp3player.)

delicate surefits as noises

midi files

new surface stuff – 1

the midi workings

going to try some reaper file uploads 🙂

No can do – for security reason they are not permitted np the midi files are here.