The meaning of time?

part one of one,,, in parts.

if only I knew so. 🙂


first sound wash oversizes

mostly the same for use with effects and post production ideas




some time between one

the bigger and longer songs reduced…

these are previous MIDI files to download..

this video is finished but uploading to youtube … it will finish in about three hours from the time I post this blog entry — sorry about the wait, but that is what it is.  🙂


The Temple 1

Here this midi file is the midi from the warmup pieces the soul pieces have not had their midi recorded.


Sacred Day 1

Sacred Day part one early thursday morning.

impossible sound works part A

the longer piece at the end of the performance is in edits now… soon I should upload that.  below is the midi file for all this.  scrolling will find the other blog posts or going by month to month.


internal thought formations as sound

This drum mishmash should be mixed into the other pieces here, I don’t know how just yet to place it properly but maybe I will fake it and ad-lib a possible solution for the drum mixed in.. the 47 seconds of drum mishmash…