insidious nuisance is the buzz from older recording devices…

so this insidious noise called transformer .. Buzz I used to use as part of the music… mostly till now it is not part of my music — agenda 🙂

the next chip set 1

this.. is a mix down of the three longer pieces – so it is small megabytes –

I used the 16 gig card in the tascam.  I am saving it and have replaced that card with a new one.  I am still recording and these are the first songs since I replaced the card.

The mixed outs are longer songs that I have shortened to fit here.

four beats


Biomaterial Effectual Paradigm 4

something my roommate had me record from him doing the practice marimba 🙂

These are new things created just before.


Biomaterial Effectual Paradigm 3

It is the wind that chooses what direct the branches of my tree are to grow, nothing but wind. So I light the fire the never was and empty my mind of things that were. I am being of the moment and the moment is not real. the moment that passes passed and left nothing but traces of before in my mind like the echoed edges of the cup that settles on my lips of time.

So there are 9 movies created in the making of these songs..the movies are posted to youtube and linked/posted here also. they are subtitled “the hand videos” based on the thing experiment.

these four songs are from the videos at about 9  minutes that are going to — be used for a new movie.


these are longer videos 🙂

this set of videos is going to be used with iMovie for creating a new movie … or two.



Biomaterial effectual paradigm 1

This is some iPad stuff I have done.