edgy wisdom 1



in this time Xa

tempo filling in with tempo findings…

This music “in this time 1” is new stuff from this morning being Friday morning July 29th…

of course the video render I am working with is.. taking about five hours to render so this one uploaded during that time…  this video is 29,416,462 kilobytes almost 30 gig in size… my largest video yet… It took 2.5 hours to upload woe… I have had uploads take longer but now that upload speeds are better… this is a long time 2 and a half hours.   The video is a direct record of the monitor and music I had playing … so it was interesting mostly random selections of music…

this is an effected shorter version of the long version to be rendered soon… I hope.

performance – 105 in settings and tempos

I think there is the breaking apart of the sounds due to my video driver update 🙁  but it should be back together very soon :)—–


The edge of the next galaxy

Here this is eighteen soon to be twenty videos just made today.



The next new galaxy going on


G-Force Screen Shot 0014

G-Force Screen Shot 0016

G-Force Screen Shot 0024

G-Force Screen Shot 0031


Inside the new galaxy – for now

New while it is Friday