Improv Friday songs and work 9-23

Doing a gradual shift from -90% slower to gradually become the normal pace and changing the pitch from -5.67 halfsteps down to slowly increase pitch to 5.67 halfsteps up… at the same time in Paul’s Overcast 3. Now layering this into itself at different points in the song caused a dissonance that was really disgraceful to the whole thing… so I .. undid that…but going back to the altered work.. it was really quite nice and about twice as long as the original… so … if I take the song and reverse it and do the same pitch tempo thing in the reverse… I think Paul uses constant tempo yes? then this parallel would be interesting ? OK undo undo about eight times 🙂 (I have a 100 level undo set up –) paste a new copy of overcast 3 and reverse and stretch one two. so by separating the two tracks left and right – viola (behold) such a great song to work with a stand alone in it’s own right. but ahhh I want to listen to it again and not render it out to mp3…000

I did a music lesson today my student came over but had forgotten their laptop charger so we had just an hour of work time to put in.. he learnt how to set up the various levels or notes values for the sounds he wanted to use in his pad … I gave him some mallets to use for the machine … to see if that might help though I did not show him how to hold said mallet … ahh well… I might call him and suggest an online youtube example for that… teaching these days is like, yeah, did you watch the youtube tutorial ok ,, what did you learn?

This is bill is the first section of the garage band song made on the iPad up to the part where the effects silence the sounds… the actual song lasts about thirty five some minutes long.

this is edited into this post as a possible work to happen… the Cabbage farm and ranch section.. maybe.. depending. you know… it is “Cabbage” a implimentation of Csound so it is the most user friendly I have seen anyway —-

these files below are unedited source files that are like raw or unedited—

If the cabbage program continues to draw my attention then well yes I will devote some posts to this.

the next day after 1999

Prince and prince says it was 1999

King and Queen

the midi file is above…

noise fo the sake of noise

I also added some Japanese music I made.. to the noise levels and blips 000 I am just like this..

Newness again 1

concerning the song “first new 4″…  and what I posted in the forum about it..

something in reaper I recorded but do not know about how I did this or where It came from just … midi playback feeds that seemed to be from the ended and I went on to something else I left it in record I did not, do not know what was recorded or how it was made other then the record button that recorded it.. it, I say it, because it is like.. mmmm really like something I didn’t do but it is there in the file .. I have a supernova II hooked to the reaper and the reaper playing the midi and recording the sounds… There are connections that are just blanked into it that I have no control over.. but they happen… sometimes it gets really weird here but IDK I captured the ghost in my hall, the other day, I trapped it inside an oil painting…onto the side of a lamp shade – it lives there now. This “song” reminds me of this ghost somehow. Maybe you should not listen to this song because that might be the way it “gets away” into your worlds.. IDK.

the midi file.. enjoy

the reaper recording files I worked from.. or with.

the videos from earlier this week


i hear these voices in my head 2

and the midi for these three things is intermixed between these midi files…