mixouts 22

midi file is below… 🙂

Christmas eve song and parts of song

this first song is the mix of the other five songs all together. 🙂

time tunnel =^=


microtonal mixes and productions 2

the first song vxv is really a nice microtonal ambient stretch out song.

Microtonal Mixes and Productions 1

And here I have started the use of the Wilsonic App on the iPad.

I am liking to play the harmonic series as a Logarithmic spiral issued by Erv Wilson in March 1 1965…

The first part used this particular mapping of sound// changes for the pitch and timber…


this is part of the greater site here…


because this site is subject to change without notice I have also included the actual pdf here as well as the link above into that site.


I hope to … create holographic / virtual types of instruments in this genre of maths.

in the middle of my mind 1

Below is a set of midi files … for this above and other resent works..


the open skys of thought insights 1