if you want to be in the movie?

The Sound-In Film Festival

these were some of my entries..

sound entries are here



jvoid 6x x6

jvoid outside 6 on = jvoid 6x x6 cut down to the three parts then played together 🙂  0000

jvoid 3 now

from the program milkdrop2.5c with the extra special presets going on and such.

jvoid now 1

so these two works have equal works yet different edit forms on the blog

the first one has three layers of the same 55 seconds… two are like on either side of the center one with the side layers being 4.0 decibels lower and thirty to the left and thirty to the right..

the original is on the blog.

the other is a render and the record of similar performance is at blog but… they seem to be different speeds.

with multiple layers of the same song on itself the fullness is increases some how ,,,  but to say a song is more full then a similar song leads to what causes this which could just be a kind of compression of the audio of sorts.

the last song here is an after thought during the breakdown… midi soon… just below this —

jvoid two again

and we are standing in line 1



as I dwindle down 1