doxically moxit off 1

part five here

below are the song and non-layered song for a separate listening 🙂

One pomato two.

A friend was close today… I will quote him from the visit I made with him at the hospital, “I remember seeing the monitor go flat line.”  He spoke these words to me about 6 hours after that.  I did not think I was coming home.  I did …. his stroke is put him Out of balance with himself.  it has left … a person that even still remembers me and my antics and nuances — It is very close now — and critical treatment is going on… there is a window in his room – to the nurses station.  —-  —


I made a song before I left in the lobby — this is it.

Potato Tomato revisited 1

what is Potato Tomato?

It is like dipping a potato chip in ketchup—

It is like Potato tomato salad extraordinary —

or it is like this below

potato tomato fixings 1

some of the midi for this some was lost into winding sounds of murmurers and myrrh in myrtle -0- or not.

third reality tests outside time x does not equal x

third reality effects normalized some