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Giant footprint 1

mostly made during the video work at facebook the second half of these songs were… mmmmmm  yoda yada 000

The second half of these songs were made during the video creation at facebook in the cacophony group…

desktop images just fits my desktop perfectly … the left monitor is rotated 90 degrees the right monitor is normal both are 24 inch monitors I have had thru two different computers ===

now the midi I lost the midi of the first section but have the second section..


Valentines Day animoog mixes 2018

con-spirit conspirit 1

the two midi file one conspiracy the other all the midi plus the conspiracy machine.  sea sea is the conspiracy machine.  —

stop the rushing around


Fried Fries Time 1

midi files

the core sources of these fried songs…

inner felt sounds apt 1


and then the MIDI file



midi things

older tapes digitized and current noxit nowox