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next planet blue jets 2

Just like the iPad is controlling everything and then it controls itself — in the future… right.?

So now it is in total control past present future eye eye see’s

The midi out from the iPad is going into the korg going into the supernova II and as well the iPad itself .==.

Muse-Score 2.1 posts

miss hap at the middle of the song

All the midi I had recorded from these works above — I plan to sync things with the bluetooth midi connection — we will see 0000

long ago By the way 1

the songs above are from a tape titleled Some point -> #7 last tape

seven of twenty on 12-26-2008   yes that is when these were made.

Now the second song I took the longer song’s last 14 and half minutes and layered it to the first 14 and a half minutes for the final product 🙂 as uploaded here.


i hear these voices in my head 2

and the midi for these three things is intermixed between these midi files…


Must I be so yet not?

Nothing is waiting for you just get in time again?

Ride the fire of the elders past into the future of your life

Look into the river of time and see yourselves open up to the horizon.

The Cracks in space/time echoed with life in their endless spiral eddies of around

We walk thru the air between the doors of time in a life like smoke on the wand of smells and smiles that grow into our sights of night.


insidious nuisance is the buzz from older recording devices…

so this insidious noise called transformer .. Buzz I used to use as part of the music… mostly till now it is not part of my music — agenda 🙂