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Giant footprint 1

mostly made during the video work at facebook the second half of these songs were… mmmmmm  yoda yada 000

The second half of these songs were made during the video creation at facebook in the cacophony group…

desktop images just fits my desktop perfectly … the left monitor is rotated 90 degrees the right monitor is normal both are 24 inch monitors I have had thru two different computers ===

now the midi I lost the midi of the first section but have the second section..


posted for your pleasures 1

don’t forget to put the tascam recordings on this post if not now then later.  OK —- OK 🙂


mixing the movies and sounds 1

from above…


more of the video works, I am doing this when out on 2-14-16


1 in my mind somehow.

video from sam ash on 2-3-16

Biomaterial Effectual Paradigm 3

It is the wind that chooses what direct the branches of my tree are to grow, nothing but wind. So I light the fire the never was and empty my mind of things that were. I am being of the moment and the moment is not real. the moment that passes passed and left nothing but traces of before in my mind like the echoed edges of the cup that settles on my lips of time.

So there are 9 movies created in the making of these songs..the movies are posted to youtube and linked/posted here also. they are subtitled “the hand videos” based on the thing experiment.

these four songs are from the videos at about 9  minutes that are going to — be used for a new movie.


these are longer videos 🙂

this set of videos is going to be used with iMovie for creating a new movie … or two.

new videos some 1