coming back around

notes during music creation and more.. little thought ideas as I make this next set of sound works.

  1. it is too fast way too fast.
  2. don’t reprogram the synthesizers during performance it is distracting ..
  3. some more feed thru’s  by these round list’s
  4. first song about 22:22 minutes long done.  0317
  5. 0318 minute 14 🙂 total length 17:51
  6. certain parts need to drop back and get slowed down.. it is all meshed mashed together some.


2 thoughts on “coming back around”

  1. Quick First Impressions of “Looks”

    Logan’s Run personal carpods moving from building to building
    Proximity Locators in Aliens
    Native American Pow Wow
    Native American Chase Scene
    Level 42 on Acid
    Carnival on Acid, listening to Level 42
    Keith Emerson

    I quite liked it!