Media Mash 4

from the post stating this…

Bill Newbold
juxtaposer aardvark skys

I do know after a bit it becomes really important to re-set re-surface and reform the minds registries or else things begat entwine and concurrence most of the minds related ideas = but = registry reset is not today. I think using Chris with Opaninia 2 slowed by 3.1x layered around the Shane W. Cadman work in its own ©2016 Illustrious Music(ASCAP) unchanged and the guitar work of Paul Mimlitsch SI 12-2-16 slowed down and pitch shifted some… to increase the microtonal changes in a kind of — off balance way — will lead to my being less confused. (about things) if perhaps this would not happen I can always listen to this again… with each intermixed mash being 2/3 off the edge of the paper and 1/3 of the actual values used. in this a mighty tri-state – trifecta. Still I am unsure how the length of this became 5:05 ? mostly or totally so bright.

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