performance a043 and a044


these two playlists are the collaborations with the group NOW between Bill Newbold and Wayne Holland.

there could be more to come I think we are going to do lots of beats in new pieces as we get our rhythm patters figured out between our synthesizers ,..  again continuing with the site here the first works tonite were done with performance patch 43 and the second work was made with performance patch 44 which I had already programmed before I went and did the series reprogramming of everything on the supernova II os2.o workings 1

two mashups from this weekends works… the first six …

(sorry: I have been “busy“)

there is no car… you are in the wrong thread…. we can change things that are only red…

Nothing is of matter except the word “wrong” because this sentence is “wrong” again.

OK OK I have digressed into a super-string in a very very small universe where.,, I am getting braided together with only other super-stings that are harmonically perfect. What this means is that yes I have read how to maintain motorcycles with zen-arts and also read the “zen and the art of archery” during a dull period of that motorcycle book… by Pirsig,.. and me I hate doing this but above there was relativity thought in quote form so yes I must quote wondrous Pirsig…

“The truth knocks on the door and you say, “Go away, I’m looking for the truth,” and so it goes away. Puzzling.” -Pirsig (from the motorcycle book)

These ideas are the “zen weapons” that don’t exist but do exist … in the neither either both and maybe so…or not so sorta sense of existence. (like)

It is not that I even slightly agree with zen for zen is not zen, the Buddha was shot going down the road, and the cat is dead dead dead… past present and future tenses there of., but it is that I can not agree any more than that.

moving on… In an aside Please quote me for what your want further explained or discuss… commented on or possibly disagree with sorta.?

there was a man from mars
who liked to drink at bars
he ate the sky
turned blue to die
and now lives with the scars

(sorry again: it was limerick time on my planet..)

back on topic… because I have to stay on topic sorta.

everything and nothing are the same: given
1. less then nothing is not more then everything but they are the same.
2. time is the illusion that we create to explain how things don’t all happen at the same time ,,, like they do.
3. matter space and energy have no meaning to the average football or toothbrush: – this is an almost given because,
4. not time to think is like thinking there is no time.

5? or whatever, really man, I don’t get paid to write this stuff.. you know.??

Block quoted from the reaper lounge thread I just posted in ,,, yeah this is my post there. 🙂  Please comment here to if you like?

Game talk or work and ordering the games.

so in order of time letter b through g are in time sequence order… game talk ‘a’ is excerpted out of the center of one of the movies.. where I start playing some drone music and we talk.   Below are the videos.  uploading now but in an edit will be on this blog.

Ribi and Bill A040

A040 with Wayne Holland—

this first and second pieces are mashups from I have done.

part two after the first video 🙂

mixtures of new-old ha

Going to add the new stuff here… in a moment while the computer renders a new video… 🙂

from the piano mixes maybe I will put all the piano parts here.

from 2007 and 2006 taped works

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