And this is it because it is why we are here. Ferguson… reactions… actions… reactions..

What is solid is solidarity!

We are now here.   The world is watching what is … is what is solidarity..,

It is the next right thing that is always more powerful then anything else.

transcripts from of the trial,, with riot actions and sounds layered on.

A038 Ages of Time 2

A038 Ages of Time 1

these are the first works with … the midi working I will post later the midi files on ,, standby.  🙂  And this was also posted at for use as a layer in mashups.   Just follow link below for the mashups and posts for this week.

Buzz work first post

mixed out I can change the first five songs to mp3’s from the wave format?  should I?

A037 performance works

the 8x series from the reaper mix mp3 catalogs of sound records… the render is too too big.. —

if you listen to anything listen to the one above the 141113_0125.mp3 it is amazing IMO 🙂  and yes I know some of it sounds like a squekeeky wheel well … mmm alot of it but that is what makes it interesting…—

A036 performance project: partly A, B, and C.

first records and work with the A036 performance settings… and midi workings… I hope to do better with my midi work as soon as I can figure out what is wrong with the memory blocks in midi,..

And as this performance project develops there will be more added to this blog post.

more songs… 🙂  going to render a video as well. =-=

the video:

With the partly C playlist it is still theoretical and may not exist for some time,.. as you guessed the partly B playlist is, well,.. fake. it was still part of partly A but next is the true partly B set-first the raw songs unedited and then edited and mixed so you can hear… what I have done.  🙂

with listening to end of outs partly B the end is obviously too … scattered and I am having problems as I approach the partly C section of sound.  the first song labeled end of outs 1 partly B is really in the recording the end of the partly B section the rest of the end of outs come before the first one in a reverse order… ,,, I am unsure why?

A035 parts one two and three.

So there will be more added as this is part one and two ,,, while three is being recorded / performed now.   stay tuned.

2014-11-07-195609 2014-11-07-195617 2014-11-07-195550 2014-11-07-195559 2014-11-07-195605
2014-11-06-000103 2014-11-06-000113 2014-11-05-235948 2014-11-06-000006 2014-11-06-000024 2014-11-05-235914 2014-11-05-235924 2014-11-05-235856 2014-11-05-235907 2014-11-05-235843 2014-11-05-235850

past parts one and two cut-up song at critical intersections of time.

followed by part three… the seventh song.

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