Performance A030 Conetic $

the Album made from this preset– called audixet 🙂

With the title of the preset Conetic $ I put the dollar sign rename in there to represent that I (bill) have made adjustments to the performance altering the original from the factory preset. When A Preset has the three $$$ insignia it signifies that I have finished the alterations and am satisfied with the settings at this point and time.
While using the program AudioPaint.. there developed a new song that I mixed in the program reaper in order to learn editing in that program you know the how-to’s of it…

image 1000

the audiopaint program extended with Paul’s stretch program and edited in reaper.

there are three songs that have been created from the audiopaint program and then stretched in Pauls stretch program ,,, they will be added to this post later in editing this post as they are simplified in audacity into a smaller size.


Performance A029 parts one thru three and then … a unique fourth feedout



These three works are cut out of a longer work that is exactly represented here in parts one two and three.  All in the performance preset A029… created before the next work below.

This audio file below has been played and recorded on the tascam and in the Reaper music program. The performance preset was A029 in the supernova machine. With the mixing was done in audacity due to a Crashing reaper.. Guitar work was performed with a microtonal guitar re-fretted into microtonal form.

performance a026 and a027 x1 and x2

performance 25 in reaper

crition axis2

just 25 is all

crition axix 1

above this is the next newest things of work going on here.

this is the edit… below -===-

contrasting in-evolved time frames. A024

this is created in two parts right now…. first are the direct records off the headphone jack into the digitization recorder thingy then are the taped works with them being digitized as well well the one tape that is… that is what it is.. slower and yet still really interesting 🙂 enjoy.,,,

I am possibly off the other edge of this universe but here is the sound I heard there.  and here. or between where and where.,,

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