A023 nexus enveloped vortex configurations 1

this is the mixture of past present and future @ the new vortex where time light space and all the infinite realities merge for the nexus is opened and out on the hyper-astral space-fields of nothingness..

this below are the past present and future of the above song taken one at a time separately sorta.. 🙂

mostly image stuff done today.
mostly image stuff done today.

the performance number A022

Some of this was done in open office some of this was made with audacity other parts was made into audacity with the supernova II. By Novation. I worked on the preset number A022 in the performance mode where I designated each of the eight patch programs and edits most of the patch programs to fit in a slow changing and mellow type style of sounds. I am rendering a video right now and hope to get that linked to or posted here as well… I recorded milkdrops on the screen when I was working on this production and used the songs from it to be the sound track for the video mix..

the two sounds of song are mixed for the video

this next sound-song creation is/was made before slipping into the performance number A023… I have separated them but they may be reworked into something played together.

Supernova II performance program A020

Some performance works from performance A020 on the supernova II

I know these posts will become increasingly more complex as I start posting new things as I make them…

I think I will update the posts when I add to the performance programs catalog of work,.

performance A021 works

this is a work created on the supernova II os 2.0.

this is the first post I am doing on my site.. – here with the soonlabel.

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