space loops 1

A051 the levels of Now..

a049 AND A050

performance Ao48 patched and perforated ==

supernova II os “3”  idea:

I believe that the “routing” with the vocoder can be… enhanced some or even vastly large amounts like to go,, back thru several more times other patches in the performances as well as multiple uses like that such that there is say… patch one feeding two while patch three feeds four and the vocoder input 1 goes to patch five and the input 2 goes to patch six? then seven and eight patch thru each other and back into patch one…???/

spending time between tics on the clock

performance number A047 already reprogrammed for high strings… all the patches set to the same patch with,,,,  the wave form of the sound being input from the guitar.  the other midi work on the korg is done as a bounce from the supernova II,… and is there of using the supernova sound and midi outs and sound and midi ins.

These results may vary on time continuous thought critical mind envelops: the reaper time signature is not 4.1/4 because they don’t do fractional time signatures but it is 31/5 for what it is worth in value at mind levels.

I too dislike the midi editor in reaper because ,,, I am not used to it,, yet.   big YET there.  the beats per minute in the “level b” composition is 320 bpm,,,,  but that is just arbitrary for now.

these last two added songs were… made on Christmas eve. 🙂 with Ao47 performance patches.

the A046 performance creations “the shoe soul”

sole or solo or soul or soul low either way there is the shoe on the foot… by now .  I am rendering the movie now so I will be back in about 15 hours with the four minute movie 🙂 to post.

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