A033 programmed performance works project 3

So, these works several are “of the same layer of sound” some are quite interesting.
But, why listen to this.. because you are lost in time and space and have nothing to do but analize music forms and new.. or newer ideas in sound and tempo’ed beated noises.
when you understand what is happening you are lost in the spirals of thought forms and data-flows.. and such.

this is the first piece it proceeds faster but is smaller … or shorter.. mmm guess it is the less time used.. to hear this song.

this next piece is an out and out remix of the two slow and fasts layered together the first part being backward the second part / half of the piece is normal or forward.

A-o32 performance works from tonite.

this order is really backwards in the intent of how it was played and recorded I knew that but did not think to reorder the whole thing….

But it is ok since the first two or three are just warm-ups for the two longer pieces :—  I have also posted this @ alone tone but I plan to only promote the ones in my blog at the soon media-arts site….

And then I rendered these records and sounds … slowed down in reaper with… the midi outs into different instruments and offed the supernova II.

http://archive.org/details/A032s   this should be the link to the midi files and other things most of which is posted here as well. ….

the acid reworked midi files are going to be delayed about 47 minutes — due to render time

yep parts A thru E  some of this reaper render was created by other programs in coordination with reaper.  the VSTi instruments ..

I am to first try the reaper file uploads on the … archive site I am sure the upload here since midi’s are out that reaper files and acid8 files as well are out.   besides the midi performance settings we should see soon though.

Ao31 spectral layering 1 for mixed record programs

these four pieces are from the audacity workings in this project. “Spectral Layering 1”

these next sounds are from the reaper program and the first work out in this Ao31 project.

Beyond this there are midi files with this but wordpress doesn’t allow midi uploads so I have uploaded a whole page of midi and big files beyond the limit of 64 mg here on http://archive.org

part C is the audio paint program outs when I revisited that program today. Although they are wave files that are much larger then regular mp3’s so I have put them in the archive post as well

part D: is on the archive site because they too are wave files..

part E: is an acid render done with the midi outs from reaper – and set up in acid studio 8 – Below..this is a render the non-rendered wave outs are on archive for now.

part F is all the simultaneous records done on a tascam recording into mp3’s large amounts of audio that is redundant but you get to hear the transitions between the various programs outs. because of the size of the mp3’s they are also posted to archive.. this size limit will change and I may have to rework this post.

that actual archive site is… https://archive.org/details/PartsOfBeing

Reaching the limits of now soon.

these have been created and uploaded during a part of time where they was not time to finish the work on the post.  so I post them now with no idea what they are just they are the last works I have done before or around the October 13th…

In a hope that I can work with greater consistence of song identifications I shall strive to create more exact constructions of posts and page developments here.

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